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Fire alarm

Fire alarm

Silvertechengineers We are the best Fire alarm system Design and consultancy in Maharashtra,Fire alarm systems are widely used detection system for smoke and heat . According to the graph shown below, represents how awareness in in fire and safety is reducing our casualty ratio. Smoke detection system are self explanatory , that it detect smoke, but at early stage so that one can easily fight with fire by using fire extinguisher or other extinguishing agents.

Fire alarm system mostly are of two types

  • 1. Conventional Fire alarm system.
  • 2. Addressable Fire alarm system.

Conventional Alarm systems.
Conventional fire alarm system is cost effective solution for small industries and institutions but on the contrary side it has some limitations.

Following features one can get on conventional fire alarm system.
  • Zone identification only.
  • Device limitation up to 20 devices per zone.


Addressable Fire Alarm systems.
Addressable fire alarm systems are good solution for medium as well as large organization. It comes with advance features like.

  • Specific identification of devices.
  • Max. 127 devices in a loop.
  • Inter connection with other devices.
  • Zone Allocation


VESDA system, VESDA fire alarm system is a self-air aspiration system which 24 into 7 taking air sampling and analyzing the hazard. VESDA system are majorly used in IT server room, Highly explosive accumulation area, airports, LHB coaches, Ships, Aircrafts, etc. Silvertech Engineers had a great experience in installation of all of the fire detection system. We have done almost hundreds of projects of fire detection system.

Other Product

fire alarm panel (Addressable / Conventional)

Smoke detectors

Manual call points (Addressable / Conventional)

Hooters (Addressable / Conventional)

Gas detectors (Addressable / Conventional)

Beam detectors (Addressable / Conventional)

Relays (Addressable / Conventional)

Flow Switch

Zone Modules (Addressable / Conventional)